Thao Nhi Le

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Thao Nhi Le is another example of self-belief, lots of passion and self-determination to achieve one’s dream. Growing up having influence from her parents regarding the fashion sense, Nhi has always shown a strong interest in the fashion field. She frequently followed the trends and made a conscious effort to be in this dynamic industry. She studied International Fashion Retail and worked hard on bringing everything into practice, building her own identity and style on social media. After her graduation, she continued pursuing her dream of establishing her own brand in Vietnam (Daphale Studios).

I never thought I could make money out of it. And now I made my dream become a job! This has been something that I always dreamed about.

For a girl that was born and raised in Germany, it was certainly a challenge to come back to her motherland and adapt to all the practices, in terms of culture, mindset and business. Nevertheless, it’s in her nature – to always push the boundaries and challenge herself for the personal growth. It’s the empowerment of girls, saying that we should be able to wear whatever we want, do whatever we want despite all the looks and judgements. It’s about the courage of being oneself, believing in one’s abilities and making it become a reality.

Partners: YSL Beauty, Clinique, Coca-Cola, Belstaff, Zalando, Levi`s, Skagen, American Vintage, Charles & Keith etc.

Published in: two-times publications in the DEP Magazine