Lukas Irmler

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„Living on the edge” is the perfect way to describe Lukas’s passion; Irmler has long held a place as one of the world’s best slackliners. He took his first steps on the quivering slackline in 2006, and the art of balancing and overcoming one’s own boundaries has determined the course of his life ever since.

Do one thing every day that scares you.

Eleanore Roosevelt

With a Bachelor of Science and Master of Economics to his name, this athlete keeps a cool head in extreme situations, whether that’s crossing the Victoria Falls or setting the record for walking the world’s highest highline at more than 5,000 meters over the slope of the Yanapaccha mountain in Peru. Irmler doesn’t just share his mental fortitude and optimistic, open attitude with young athletes, but also in his work as a motivational coach.

Partners: Adidas, Red Bull, Huawei, DHL, BMW, FMG (Flughafen München GmbH), AOK, GOP Varieté, PETZL and more.